Saturday, August 22, 2009

Looking for Women Randolph NJ

Hey everyone,

I am from Randolph NJ and want to tell you how I found my women. Yes it was from a dating website and it was free. Randolph is an awsome town. Living on Millbrook Ave was a good time and growing up in Randolph High School was the time of my life.

I would always go to Randolph Football and Soccer games drunk. Have a great time. The only problem is that I was looking for a women. I was looking for a genuine women that I can build a relationship with a date.

Well you will find quality women around Morris County at Genuine dating. I found my lady.

So check out Genuine Dating because its free and you will find real women in the area of Morris County and Randolph. Well see you in Morristown at the Palm bar. Have a great day.

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