Monday, June 8, 2009

How To Talk To Women Secrets

Hey guys,

My name is Josh and I did not have much luck with the women. I always read online tutorials how to flirt with women. I have joined various forums and blogs and dating tips and secrets. Its hard to find what works when trying to talk and date women. I have tried all of these online dating flirting techniques in the club, the bar, and other social events and have had little to no success. Lets put it this way. It has taken me 2 1/2 years and I only got laid once using those techniques. Worst of all it was a one nighter! If you are in the same pain as me and have not been talking and getting with women in the past year this is for you. Hell Mehow's tactics will work for everyone if they worked for me.

If you have had any of these problems like me then this is will help you:

1. You always wonder how guys are holding a long conversation with women longer then 2 minutes.

2. You are always trying to think of the next thing to say when you are with a women.

3. You do not have the confidence to even start to talk.

If you are any of those then you will have to check out Mehow's tutorial. Best of all he gives you free lessons on how to meet and attract women. I am a success story and currently have a GF for 1 year. The success of being able to date and talk to women is not something you are born with. Next is going I am going to lean how to propose. It is something that you definitely have to learn!

Hey remember this are free dating online secrets by Mehow. So make sure you grab them before he starts charging. It is important is that you learn how to connect with the female or else you are going to end up alone. These dating secrets will give you the building blocks to be able to have the confidence when you have to walk to to a woman and ask her out.

You Have Nothing To Loose!

I did it and now I am happy. Julia and I am very happy and have a constant intimate relationship for 1 year now. I dated 3 women before I found her. This is why I have to tell you about Mehow's success in relationship tactics when it comes to meeting and talking to hot women.


  1. I love talking to hot women! Lol who doesn't? Thanks for checking out my blog. Lady GaGa is so amazing in every way. She's my favorite artist right now.

  2. Yea you can definitely learn how to talk the talk and walk the walk. Remember life is short and have fun talking to women as much as you can. The more you talk and flirt with them the more women will be in your life. It really is a numbers game. Also if you are just looking for one women in your life you still need to talk to a lot of them to find the right one!

  3. Also check out my article on how to talk to Northen women. Northen women have attitude and you have to give it right back!

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  11. There is no better advice than to just be yourself but learn to be a natural, confident and fearless you. "The Game" is BS. Confidence is everything. Man-a-Words

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