Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seducing Your Woman

If you are interested in seducing your woman I want to tell you something I learned from Mehows book...  How to talk to women....  You have to follow the key rules:

Dont be over eager...

Do not show your woman all the attention and play a little hard to get... Tease her a bit by saying "I know you want that"  and if she gets mad.... just laugh and say "I was just trying to talk dirty".

You have to stay in control...

You have to lead her.... You tell her what to do next.... Most of the time the woman does not want to even think... That is most important..

Finish the job...

Now this is where you have to be good in the bed with your woman.. You have to make her go crazy.. You will have to make her want you even more.

I learned this all from the free audio's on dating tips how to meet women.
Also remember what I taught you guys last week it is important to learn how to flirt.


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