Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tri-State Area | Northern Girls | NJ Broads

As a person that grew up from the tri-state area you really need to learn how to talk to women. It is important to learn to speak right or else these northern women will throw you to the ground.

Here are a couple of tips when talking to women from the north:

Be Cocky! - do not overdue it but show that you are confident and you can talk to any kind of women in the tri-state area. No matter who the broad is... you will be able to get her number and win her over. No chick is to good for you but you have to show the respect and cockyness to portray the confidence.

Walk Away: If the New Jersey women are total b-tches. Just walk away and try again. Northen women and especially the Tri-State area you need to just move along and dont get insulted... just insult back. Remember you are the Man!

Roll with a crew!- Nothing seems sexier to a chick then if you roll with a big crowd. These New Jersey women love this crap. NJ is the place for this. Remember have fun with your friends and dont just be staring around looking at women. If you are having a good time with your friends the girls in the tri-state area will come to you.

These are just some of the things that you need to learn when striaght up macking. Keep learning how to talk to women and you will be on your way to dating in no time. Pick up hot women in your area and have a good time!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Seducing Your Woman

If you are interested in seducing your woman I want to tell you something I learned from Mehows book...  How to talk to women....  You have to follow the key rules:

Dont be over eager...

Do not show your woman all the attention and play a little hard to get... Tease her a bit by saying "I know you want that"  and if she gets mad.... just laugh and say "I was just trying to talk dirty".

You have to stay in control...

You have to lead her.... You tell her what to do next.... Most of the time the woman does not want to even think... That is most important..

Finish the job...

Now this is where you have to be good in the bed with your woman.. You have to make her go crazy.. You will have to make her want you even more.

I learned this all from the free audio's on dating tips how to meet women.
Also remember what I taught you guys last week it is important to learn how to flirt.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Tips When Flirting

Hey guys,

I give you the most important thing to do when flirting with a women.


This is the number 1 most important thing you want to do when flirting. Yes this is not easy. Yes it is hard to make a women laugh that you have never met before. But it is possible because I have learned how to do it from the free audios that I showed you guys at how to talk to women.

What is the number one thing that you feel when you are flirting with women. You are uncomfortable right? Well that that work for you:

Example of what happened to me..

Me: Hi
Leslie: Hi ----looking puzzled
Me: Listen I gotta go... ok
Leslie: Ok....

Now she will be thinking about how weird things were.

So I go back like 20 minutes later

Me: Yea so things were kinda weird before I just did not know what to say... i guess i just became speechless when i got up 2 u.....
Leslie: Yea oooook...
Me: That wasnt my pick up line
Leslie: What are you talking about..
Me: That I did not know what to say... that just happened... i dont know short term memory.... but anyway...
Leslie: haha

So now I just got my little smile laugh....

Here is where i go for the kill....

Me: Yea my name is John ..... whats urs..... and I will try not draw a blank next time I talk to you.. lol

Leslie: My name is Leslie.... yea lets not let that happen again
Me: Well it was partly ur fault 2... u didnt talk
Leslie: but you came up to me
Me: Hey.... it takes two to tango....
Leslie: Ur a loser. lol
Me: U wanna dance
Leslie: Sure


That is how it went at the bar. I used ackwardness and made fun of myself to make her laugh. When we say best flirting tip we do not mean tell a joke... The best way to make a women laugh is to make fun of yourself but in a confident way that she will think it is not true.

I learned this all from Learn How To Date free audios.


So I have been through trial and error when it came to dating. Of course the hardest thing for me to do was go up and talk to women.

Monday, June 8, 2009

How To Talk To Women Secrets

Hey guys,

My name is Josh and I did not have much luck with the women. I always read online tutorials how to flirt with women. I have joined various forums and blogs and dating tips and secrets. Its hard to find what works when trying to talk and date women. I have tried all of these online dating flirting techniques in the club, the bar, and other social events and have had little to no success. Lets put it this way. It has taken me 2 1/2 years and I only got laid once using those techniques. Worst of all it was a one nighter! If you are in the same pain as me and have not been talking and getting with women in the past year this is for you. Hell Mehow's tactics will work for everyone if they worked for me.

If you have had any of these problems like me then this is will help you:

1. You always wonder how guys are holding a long conversation with women longer then 2 minutes.

2. You are always trying to think of the next thing to say when you are with a women.

3. You do not have the confidence to even start to talk.

If you are any of those then you will have to check out Mehow's tutorial. Best of all he gives you free lessons on how to meet and attract women. I am a success story and currently have a GF for 1 year. The success of being able to date and talk to women is not something you are born with. Next is going I am going to lean how to propose. It is something that you definitely have to learn!

Hey remember this are free dating online secrets by Mehow. So make sure you grab them before he starts charging. It is important is that you learn how to connect with the female or else you are going to end up alone. These dating secrets will give you the building blocks to be able to have the confidence when you have to walk to to a woman and ask her out.

You Have Nothing To Loose!

I did it and now I am happy. Julia and I am very happy and have a constant intimate relationship for 1 year now. I dated 3 women before I found her. This is why I have to tell you about Mehow's success in relationship tactics when it comes to meeting and talking to hot women.