Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Tips When Flirting

Hey guys,

I give you the most important thing to do when flirting with a women.


This is the number 1 most important thing you want to do when flirting. Yes this is not easy. Yes it is hard to make a women laugh that you have never met before. But it is possible because I have learned how to do it from the free audios that I showed you guys at how to talk to women.

What is the number one thing that you feel when you are flirting with women. You are uncomfortable right? Well that that work for you:

Example of what happened to me..

Me: Hi
Leslie: Hi ----looking puzzled
Me: Listen I gotta go... ok
Leslie: Ok....

Now she will be thinking about how weird things were.

So I go back like 20 minutes later

Me: Yea so things were kinda weird before I just did not know what to say... i guess i just became speechless when i got up 2 u.....
Leslie: Yea oooook...
Me: That wasnt my pick up line
Leslie: What are you talking about..
Me: That I did not know what to say... that just happened... i dont know short term memory.... but anyway...
Leslie: haha

So now I just got my little smile laugh....

Here is where i go for the kill....

Me: Yea my name is John ..... whats urs..... and I will try not draw a blank next time I talk to you.. lol

Leslie: My name is Leslie.... yea lets not let that happen again
Me: Well it was partly ur fault 2... u didnt talk
Leslie: but you came up to me
Me: Hey.... it takes two to tango....
Leslie: Ur a loser. lol
Me: U wanna dance
Leslie: Sure


That is how it went at the bar. I used ackwardness and made fun of myself to make her laugh. When we say best flirting tip we do not mean tell a joke... The best way to make a women laugh is to make fun of yourself but in a confident way that she will think it is not true.

I learned this all from Learn How To Date free audios.


So I have been through trial and error when it came to dating. Of course the hardest thing for me to do was go up and talk to women.

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