Sunday, July 19, 2009

Learning Eye Contact

Eye contact is important when trying to talk to women. To much eye contact and to little eye contact will turn off the women. You have the learn the correct amount of eye contact. There is no correct amount of time or seconds you are allowed to use eye contact you have to feel it. You have to feel it from the inside when it is uncomfortable and with every women it is going to be different.

I learned from Mehow's free audios that when you are in a deep conversation about family or love that you can stare into your partners eyes and be really concentrated in there eyes.

When it is a more casual conversation you need to give the women their space. Learn how to talk to women and use eye contact has to be practiced but you can get tips to get your ready.

So learn how to talk to women.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Best Places to Pick Up Women in college

Interested in picking up women?

Well after listening to Mehow's Free Audio's for how to talk to women. You find out the best places to pick up women and how to start up a conversation.

1. Pick up women in class - This is the best and easiest place to pick up women and start a relationship. You do not want to come of as you are trying to talk to her and want to hook up with her. You have to use an angle. My angle that I used was start studying with her and just talking to her and from there you can blossom into a great relationship.

2. Parties - When trying to pick up women in parties it will be hard because the women is going to know that you are trying to pick them up. Again you have to work with an angle.

All this is learned in the free audio's on how to talk to women. These are the best secrets when flirting.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learning the Right Moves

Hey Everyone,

When talking to women and trying to date them you need to learn the right moves. I wanted to give you some free info on what I learned from reading online dating books.

1. Do not be to needy
Your life cannot revolve around the women. You need to live your life and make the women apart of your life. This makes you as a person driven and strong and something that women will look up to.

2. Make her feel special
Now that you have your own life on track it is important that you now make her special. You will take some time away from your busy day and do something for her. She will really appreciate it and be excited for the next time you do something for her.

3. Surprise her
The right moves when dating a women is that you need to surprise her. For example It was my 2 year anniversay. I made her believe that we were just going to go out to dinner like we always do. I woke her at 8am and brought her to the mountains to go skiing. I did not tell her the whole time.

Keep reading more and I hope you have success when talking to women. So go out there and keep trying and learn from your experiences. Learn how to be confident and have fun most of all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Talk With Confidence

Here is a little article to help you to talk with confidence. Confidence is the key to walk up to the women, talk to the women, and then take home to women. Without confidence you will not get anywhere. These are important Dating Tactics.

Here are some tips for building confidence and these were all learned from the free audio's.

1. Talk to one stranger every day or every other day. It can be a women or a man. It is just getting over the fear of talking to strangers which in the future will be the women and if you can get the confidence for strangers then your next step will be women.

2. Find out your passions. Find out with-in yourself what your true passions are and be knowledgeable in that field. This is portray your confidence when you are talking about the subject. Examples: sports, hiking, brewing beer or making wine. You will be surprised how many times situations will come up where you can talk about what your passion is. Sometimes people will even ask you. This makes you interesting and also shows confidence which will draw attraction.

Those are just some of the secrets that you can learn from the free audio. Check it out to get more.

Remember be confident and you will be able to talk to women. Dating will become easy for if you just practice these few things a day.

Remember have fun and always talk with confidence.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pick Up Crazy NJ Chicks

Hey so you are interested in picking up crazy NJ chicks. Learn the secrets to dating you have come to the right place. NJ chicks are in a different catagory all by themselves. Here is a crazy video of how you need to be in you want to talk to women from NJ. Watch this video and it is the best tips for flirting when you are talking to women from New Jersey.