Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learning the Right Moves

Hey Everyone,

When talking to women and trying to date them you need to learn the right moves. I wanted to give you some free info on what I learned from reading online dating books.

1. Do not be to needy
Your life cannot revolve around the women. You need to live your life and make the women apart of your life. This makes you as a person driven and strong and something that women will look up to.

2. Make her feel special
Now that you have your own life on track it is important that you now make her special. You will take some time away from your busy day and do something for her. She will really appreciate it and be excited for the next time you do something for her.

3. Surprise her
The right moves when dating a women is that you need to surprise her. For example It was my 2 year anniversay. I made her believe that we were just going to go out to dinner like we always do. I woke her at 8am and brought her to the mountains to go skiing. I did not tell her the whole time.

Keep reading more and I hope you have success when talking to women. So go out there and keep trying and learn from your experiences. Learn how to be confident and have fun most of all.

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