Saturday, July 18, 2009

Best Places to Pick Up Women in college

Interested in picking up women?

Well after listening to Mehow's Free Audio's for how to talk to women. You find out the best places to pick up women and how to start up a conversation.

1. Pick up women in class - This is the best and easiest place to pick up women and start a relationship. You do not want to come of as you are trying to talk to her and want to hook up with her. You have to use an angle. My angle that I used was start studying with her and just talking to her and from there you can blossom into a great relationship.

2. Parties - When trying to pick up women in parties it will be hard because the women is going to know that you are trying to pick them up. Again you have to work with an angle.

All this is learned in the free audio's on how to talk to women. These are the best secrets when flirting.

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